Solo Girl Files Claim Against Idaho National Guard

Rhett Pardon

BOISE — The performer-operator of defunct site has filed a claim with the Idaho National Guard, claiming that she and her husband have been injured by the Guard's decision to demote her.

Staff Sgt. Amy Weidner in her claim said that she and her husband shut down after Guard members found out about it in May 2012.

Weidner's solo-girl site had been active for one year.

In the claim against the state of Idaho — a precursor to a formal lawsuit — Weidner said she was demoted after Guard officials were made aware of the site, with her hours and income shrinking from $59,000 to $8,000 a year.

She worked 15 years for the Guard,  most recently as an administrative noncommissioned officer in the 1st Battalion of the 183rd Aviation Regiment, which flies Apache helicopters.

“Claimant’s rank has been denigrated, her authority has been taken away from her, her full-time job has been forfeited, and the failure of the command to enforce its own rules and regulations other than against claimant, has caused severe hardship for claimant and her husband, her work performance and her reputation,” Weidner's claim said. website offered photos and video of Weidner, 35, who promoted the site with tweets, saying, “Hello soldier boys. You can visit me ... for some treats. I Support the troops!!!”

Guard spokesman Col. Timothy Marsano told the Associated Press that the porn site “called into question her credibility, integrity and adherence to Army values and standards of conduct.”

“There is no such thing as ‘off duty’ regarding the personal conduct” of a full-time guardsman, Marsano said. “Staff Sgt. Weidner should have known her conduct was inappropriate, even though it occurred away from her place of duty.”