Komar Company Now Exclusive Distributor for Simply Blown Glass

Bob Johnson

BALTIMORE — Komar Company announced today that it is now the exclusive distributor for Simply Blown Glass.

The Los Angeles-based specialty glass product company is the latest addition to Komar’s list of boutique novelty companies.

Komar said each piece of SImply Blown glass is individually made in a small studio by master craftsmen and designers with the utmost care and attention to detail.

“With Simply Blown you’re getting much more than just a toy … you’re getting your own one-of-a-kind piece of handmade artwork. Every style is elegant with beautiful colors that make the product stand out among other glass pieces and competitors,” Komar salesperson Tom Monagle said

Scott from Simply Blown added, “The same philosophies that guide our company, also led to our choosing Komar as a partner. Komar has chosen to seek out what is unique and special and introduce it to the public. The care they offer to clients is also reflected in the care that we put in to the making of our pieces. Simply Blown represents what we believe is the future in the high end glass Industry and Komar we believe, will be a leader in the distribution of these types of products.”

For more information on the Simply Blown products click here, or email Mike Savage at msavage@komarcompany.com.