's Jake Jaxson Defends Jett Black's Career Decision

Lila Gray

NEW YORK — Owner and Director Jake Jaxson has spoken out to defend Jett Black following the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s recent decision to can the Danish transplant for performing on the gay porn site. 

"There were many times that I tried to talk him out of it, knowing where this would lead, but Jett was resolute and I was inspired by his energy and interest in creatively pushing the boundaries of what we could do together,” Jaxson said.  

While Jaxson anticipated the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s decision, he was shocked by their treatment of Black and his brusque ousting from the community.

“I will not go into the details, but I was furious,” he said. “I wanted to fight back but I have to give it to Jett. He is being very gracious considering how he was treated."

Black, born Jeppe Hansen, said he decided to pursue gay porn to explore new realms of artistic expression and sexuality, adding " "To me, no one can tell me what art is. Art is subjective and I will continue to create my art the way I choose to."

The former mainstream producer criticized the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and society-at-large for their reductionist view of porn, claiming that sex between consulting adults has become illogically labeled as perverse, while the media readily advocates violence and drugs in movies, TV and music.

“I think Jett is like many of the other performers we work with,” Jaxson said. “They are proud of their work. They are not shrinking violets and, like many artists, they demand to be heard and I intend to keep building a platform that supports and respects the young men in that endeavor. I think we all welcome the art v. porn conversation and I am proud that Jett has taken a stand against the ‘entertainment hypocrisy complex.’”

In an attempt to bridge the porn-art gap, Jaxson pioneers projects that he believes challenge traditional conceptions of adult films.

His most recent film, “A Thing of Beauty,” is based on John Keat’s poem “Endymion.” His semi-reality series “RoadStrip” will make its mainstream debut at Philadelphia's QFest at the end of the month.  

Since the news broke on Monday, the story of the deposed dancer has been picked up by major news outlets, including Canada's CBC, the Huffington Post, the Daily Mail, Toronto Star and the Hollywood Reporter.