Treasure Island Media Releases 'Outlaws'

SAN FRANCISCO — "Outlaws," the latest sex documentary from Treasure Island Media's London director Liam Cole, is now available exclusively at the studio's website on DVD and download-to-own.

The release continues Cole's exploration into the London sex and party scene, documenting more than 15 men in various sexual scenarios.

"The culture of man-on-man raw fucking is a universal phenomenon that no courtroom or corrupt foundation is going to stop," Cole said. "Outlaws records the reckless load-swapping, boundary-busting bareback scene alive here in Lawless London."

The title offers seven scenes, including Luca Bondi's gang-bang, a five-way fucking and double penetration.

It stars T.I.M. exclusives Christian as well as Lito Cruz, Anton Dickson, Luke Bennett, Sebastian Slater and Luke Pascoe.

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