Epoch's Newest Feature Highlights Localization, Payment Options

Rhett Pardon

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Epoch has just announced its latest innovative product designed to increase sales for online merchants.  

Epoch's new Logo GPS (geo-targeted payment script) provides visitors to your site with a custom generated graphic displaying the logos of the most popular local payment options for their location, providing merchants with a localization feature for their sites and informs customers of their region-specific payment options before reaching the payment page.  

"Epoch continually adds new payment types to help merchants capture more sales in places that credit cards are not widely used," says Rand Pate, Epoch's communications director. "Previously, region-specific payment types might not even be known to your customers until they reach the payment page.

"With Epoch's new Logo GPS, local payment types can be displayed anywhere on your site.  And, as Epoch adds new payment types, the graphic will display the most popular payment types you accept. Epoch's Logo GPS is easy to implement and gives your site a custom feel to international customers."

Pate said this makes Logo GPS the perfect complement to its Smart Payment Page which vastly reduces the number of crucial decisions for the customer.  

The payment types presented are carefully chosen based not only on your customers' location, but also for the type of product being offered, Pate said.

"For example, not all payment types are best suited for recurring billing but work very well for other types of transactions, without concern for chargebacks or reversals," Pate said. "In lightning fast speed, our payment page automatically makes these decisions, detects and uses the language of the customer's browser, and presents in the local currency." 

"Implementing this newest feature is extremely easy,"  says Harmik Gharapetian, vice president of sales and marketing. "Our clients say that we provide the best service, offering over 35 payment types, and we continue to add more.  

"Our Logo GPS feature now ensures that customers instantly recognize their localized payment options when visiting your site.  With all of our regional and international payment options, you increase your revenue when Epoch is primary in your cascade.  If you want to catch the most fish, you need the widest possible net."

Epoch's new Logo GPS is available now to all Epoch merchants.  Contact your Epoch sales representative to ensure that your account is enabled to accept all worldwide payment options, or write to salesteam@epoch.com.