EroAdvertising Hires Norman Hauwert for International Sales

John Sanford

OSS, The Netherlands — EroAdvertising, the global adult advertising network, announced it has added Norman Hauwert to its international sales team. 

Hauwert previously worked for the large Dutch hosting company as their business development manager.

Hauwert remarked, "After more than four years with LeaseWeb, I was in need for a new challenge in my life. Having known people from the EroAdvertising team from trade shows, as a client at LeaseWeb for several years and having good personal relations, I said 'yes' immediately when EroAdvertisings' CEO Jan Huibers asked me if I would consider working for his team as sales manager. What I like about EroAdvertising most is that they aim to satisfy their sites' users first, whilst being creative and being close as a team with young internet professionals."

"Being a global player requires dedicated local service and expertise," said EroAdvertising CEO Jan Huibers. "With Norman on board, we strengthen our sales team significantly. Clients and users of our site will be pleased, as will our team.

"Norman has a broad experience in the mainstream and adult online business, is blessed with great people skills and he has a vast personal network. He knows his way around in the high-traffic business and has good knowledge of technology overall."

Hauwert can be contacted at