Homegrown Video Now Offering Alternadudes.com Gay Content

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Homegrown Video and Alternadudes.com announced today a marketing and management relationship that gives Homegrown a gay offering.

Homegrown said it will also supply expertise to help grow the amateur gay site.

Alternadudes specializes in pierced and painted long-haired performers and “has a knack for getting gay and/or bi-curious first-timers to video their initiations to homosexual lovemaking.”

Homegrown said venturing into the gay side of the industry has been a long time coming. “Homegrown has had opportunities to feature gay product in the past, like the U.S. Marine masturbation videos from San Diego, but things always fell through, because at the end of the day, we were simply regarded as being too hetero,” Homegrown President Farrell Timlake said.

Alternadudes’ Koloff shares common ground with Timlake — in addition to being the founder and owner of Alternadudes, he is also known to perform in some of the videos. “It’s what I really like about Homegrown,” Koloff said. “They’re not just another company trying to shove crappy porn onto the public. They actually, sincerely, embrace the lifestyle to put a positive spin on adult sexuality, free of judgment and prejudice.”

Homegrown CEO Spike Goldberg added, “Getting into the amateur gay market makes good business sense. We’re looking forward to our foray into the gay market with a site such as Alternadudes, a company that already has a strong following within its niche. We know our affiliates will be as thrilled as we are with these new offerings.”

Alternadudes said it is ready to market inside the Homegrown Cash affiliate program. All inquiries are welcome.

In addition to providing content, Alternadudes releases DVD's through PornTeam. Retailers, e-tailers, and distributors can contact Chris Kren at chris@pornteam.com or call (707) 664-9398 to place an order.