Rock Candy Films' 'The Horseman' Now on DVD

CHARLOTTE, N.C.  Rock Candy Films' "The Horseman" is now available on DVD.

AEBN has been streaming "The Horseman," directed by Nica Noelle, exclusively on its VOD theater network.

"After the runaway success of 'His Mother's Lover,' we were all excited to see how viewers would respond to 'The Horseman,'" said Jerry Anders, AEBN vice president of sales and marketing. "Everybody involved has been thrilled by the way viewers have embraced it."

Logan Vaughn and Samantha Ryan play Joe and Terri Loughlin, a married couple who move to a horse ranch in an attempt to save their marriage from Joe's high-pressure career in law and from the affair he secretly had with another man at the firm.

The only problem is that temptation has found Joe again, this time in the form of a sexy ranch hand named Jake (Tommy Defendi).

Terri's sister Tracy (Dana DeArmond) discovers Joe's secret and tries to warn Terri, but will it be too late? Boston Miles, Jason Phoenix, Duncan Black, Dylan Hauser, and Chase Young also star in this feature.

"My two biggest priorities with this movie were that it would inspire the viewer to emotionally invest in the story and the characters, and that the sex would be off the charts in terms of passion and intimacy," Noelle said. "I cast the film carefully so those goals would be reached, and the cast exceeded my highest expectations. Tommy Defendi is one of the sexiest and most charismatic performers in gay cinema, and he worked hard to bring 'The Horseman' to life. And the sex scene between real-life partners Boston Miles and Dylan Hauser is an absolute show stopper."

'The Horseman' is now available on DVD and streaming exclusively on AEBN's VOD network. For more, visit