pjur Glide Featured in Farrah Abraham Sex Tape

Bob Johnson

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — The pjur Group’s “Backdoor Glide” made an appearance in reality star Farrah Abraham’s sex tape, “Backdoor Teen Mom.”

Pjur said the lube was easily identified in the last scene of the movie.

The use of the product sparked discussions between pjur U.S.A. CEO Richard Harris, and Vivid Entertainment about the possibility of using “Backdoor” as a series of videos along with the anal lubricant.

According to pjur, the lube’s name is a natural to help brand the “Backdoor” series and it said it would provide Vivid with the product.

“pjur's great product and product name was the catalyst which started these events. It shows that great product and great product naming can really help in the sales and marketing of products. A perfect chain reaction,” pjur said.

No decision has yet been reached by the parties.