We-Vibe Launches 'The We-Book of Delights'

Ariana Rodriguez

OTTAWA — We-Vibe today launches “The We-Book of Delights,” a new guide to discovering sexual pleasures.

The 56-page book — “a marketing marvel” — illustrates ideas for sexual play, both solo and shared. The free POS booklet offers “a warm, playful and inviting approach to exploring sensuality and enhancing stimulation with We-Vibe products,” the company said. “The We-Book of Delights” is available in packs of 25, with a holder, from authorized We-Vibe distributors.

An enriched and expanded version of the “We-Vibe 3 Playbook,” “The We-Book of Delights” includes expert guidance by leading sex therapist and marriage counselor Dr. Marty Klein, author of seven books on sex and relationships, including “Sexual Intelligence: What We Really Want From Sex — And How to Get It.” 

Additional new content includes tips on introducing a vibrator into a relationship, and communicating sexual wants and needs. It also includes myth-busters about vibrators including answers to common questions and misconceptions such as “Will I like it too much?” and playful games to get couples in the mood. The entire book is filled with water-color and hand-drawn illustrations.

We-Vibe retailers can order “The We-Book” now from their authorized distributor. Direct partners can order them on the We-Vibe Partner Center at we-vibe.com/partners. “The We-Book” is currently available in English; additional languages are coming in fall 2013.