Cupid Boutique Sex Shops Canada Offers Adult Games

TORONTO  Cupid Boutique Sex Shop Canada offers a selection of adult games.

It offers games like Strip Poker or Bondage Seductions for couples to try.

"My husband and I used to only do the do on the weekends it was the only time we could set aside to have no kids, no work and pretty much the only time to ourselves. However, my husband was worried I wasn’t being kept satisfied and thinking that I would cheat on him," said Linda, a Cupid Boutique shopper.

"We tried some other techniques that were not able to help with our time frames for sex, so we tried a card game for couples and instead of playing only on the weekends or in our spare time, my husband or myself will pick a random card of the pack and leave it where each one could see, the cards told the receiver what to do and when, once we started doing this on a daily basis, we find we have sex at least 5-6 times a week."

Other games include Rose Petal Seductions Game, Fetish Seductions Game and Entice Game for Him or Her.

"These card games can be played by single cards or invite friends to play games and enhance your experiences," the company said.