PornTeam Signs Older4Me to Distribution Deal

LOS ANGELES PornTeam announced a new distribution deal with to coincide with the release of the studio's first DVD under the PornTeam umbrella.

The DVD is entitled "Top Latin Daddies Volume 1" and is slated to be released this week. was started in 1998 and was the first of six such sites launched by Los Angeles-based parent company, Gold Access, Inc.

PornTeam President and CEO, Christopher Kren, is enthusiastic about the new brand being a part of his team.

“Older4Me is a really tight niche and fills a large void in our current offerings of older guys,” he said. “It's a niche that very few studios are touching and I think they'll do well with the transition from their former distributor in keeping the fans that demand their content while introducing them to a whole new audience.”

Mark Gold, President of Gold Access, Inc., is delighted to be working with PornTeam. “Like many other adult producers, Gold Access has had its share of bad distribution deals. When I did my research on PornTeam I was very impressed by the amount of good feedback I received,” he said. “I heard things like 'if you are a gay studio you need to work with PornTeam.' Most of the feedback about PornTeam highlighted their honesty and hard work; things that did not seem to be present in the previous companies who handled our distribution. I'm very happy to be represented by a company that is gay owned and operated,” he said. “I think we finally found a company that will value our brand and our offering within our niche.”

Gold Access produces gay content centered around older men. The company has released more than 100 DVDs since its inception 15 years ago.

Older4Me mainly shoots older men with older men while their other brands concentrate on younger guys with older men in various combinations of Latino, black, bears and even some older men with younger women to showcase the generation gaps.

Gold said, “In the the world of adult production, older men are usually considered older when they reach the age of 35, but for Older4me, most of our daddies are men between 50-65 with many even over 70. We have a DVD on the calendar for this year that will showcase an 83 year old grandpa who likes to fuck guys in their 20's, even though that's not something we come by all that often, we were very pleased to be able to produce that unique type of DVD for our members.”

Retailers and independent distributors can contact Michael Greig at PornTeam toll free at (888) 999-2450 or direct at (707) 664-9398.