Another PornTube Domain Name Victory —

Rhett Pardon

MONTREAL — The 13 adult tube sites ordered transferred to the operator of wasn't the first win for Tenza Trading Ltd. over sites that use "porn" and "tube" in succession in their domain names.'s operator, Cyprus-based owner Tenza Trading, took over from its operator in mid April after winning an arbitration case in January. 

In that case,'s operator never responded to the National Arbitration Forum and arbitrator Houston Putnam Lowry ruled the case a default.'s operator was listed as "Domain Manager" in the case.

The domain name was bought up in 2008, according to records introduced in the case. Through its four years, the site offered redirections to sites like,, and

But once Tenza Trading contacted's operator over cybersquatting allegations, the website became disabled.

Tenza Trading — the current operator of that acquired the website in February 2011 from EMC Ideas Inc. — holds three trademark registrations for the PornTube mark: United States Patent and Trademark Office Registration No. 3,936,197; Canadian Intellectual Property Office Registration No. TMA779,803; and, European Union Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market No. 8,725,401.

Tenza Trading argued in the case that a comparison of the domain name and registered trademark illustrates the domain name is identical to its PornTube registered trademark.

Tenza Trading noted, however, that was in operation before it received trademarks.

"[Tenza Trading] contends even though the domain name has been used prior to the registration of the PornTube mark, [Tenza Trading]  has common law rights dating back to 2005," the arbitrator wrote. "[Tenza Trading] argues it was assigned rights in the PornTube mark in 2011, but prior to this the mark had been used in the sale of adult oriented goods and services since 2005."

The win at the National Arbitration Forum in January spurred another cybersquatting case that could turn into a larger legal battle.

Last month, Calista Enterprises was ordered to transfer 13 domain names to Tenza Trading because the sites  also use "porn" and "tube" in their domain names.

The ruling was made by arbitrators despite a pending Calista's legal petition to have the "PornTube" trademark registration cancelled in the U.S. because use of the term is purportedly commonplace.

The websites ordered transferred in that case include,,,,,,,,,,, and

Seychelles-based Calista can appeal the National Arbitration Forum's decision over the 13 domain names no later than Tuesday, a source close to the case told XBIZ.