Video: Sasha Grey Plays NSA Recruiter in Funny or Die Parody

Lila Gray

CYBERSPACE — In a recent Funny or Die spoof, retired porn star Sasha Grey attempts to recruit people for the National Security Agency by pandering to those who get off by “listening in.”

“Do you want to listen in on the naughtiest ingoing and outgoing conversations?” she asks, muzak blaring. “Then join the NSA. Getting a job at the NSA is the quickest way to peep in on phone calls, emails, texts and fun Skype sessions from all around the country.

… Because NSA stands for ‘no strings attached.’”

The clip satirizes the Guardian’s recent expose of an NSA document that gives the government agency carte blanche to access private content from sources like AT&T, Verizon, Google, Yahoo and Facebook.    

After burning a copy of the Constitution, Grey says “What are you waiting for? Even Obama likes to listen in.”

“I just want to say thank you for your service to our country.” Mock-Obama says to Grey. “And, uh, I have a hug boner right now.”

Reporters have noted that the NSA’s reach under the Obama administration extends beyond what it enjoyed during George W. Bush’s two terms.

While Grey gyrates behind a chain link fence, the faux commercial asserts that the NSA’s actions are “100 percent authorized by the USA Patriot Act.”

An apparent employee of the NSA who voices his moral concern about the job is tasered and removed from the commercial.

To apply for a position is simple: call 1800-any-number, Grey says.