Treasure Island Media Launches New Jocks, Briefs

SAN FRANCISCO Treasure Island Media launched its new line of TIMJocks and Briefs today at both the studio's website and select stores in its retail network.

Designed by Timoteo Studios, the company said that the TIMJocks and Brief provide the ultimate level of comfort, style, and support.

Made in downtown L.A. from high quality cotton blended with a bit of spandex, the new line is available in three styles (TIMJock, TIMBrief and TIMJock-Brief), two colors and sizes ranging from small to extra large.

"Our fans are going to fucking love our new jocks and briefs," said Mitch Mason, director of marketing and cult engagement for T.I.M. "The quality, fit and design that Timoteo delivered is exactly what our customers have come to expect from us."

Retailers interested in carrying TIMJock and Brief should contact Treasure Island Media's wholesale division, New Barbary Coast Distribution at (415) 553-4073 or by email