XGEN Presents Bodywand In-Store Merchandising Display

Ariana Rodriguez

BRISTOL, Pa. — XGEN Products has revealed a merchandising display package for the Bodywand line of personal massagers.

The display kit, contains all required display equipment and merchandise, offers a way to present the Bodywand collection to customers, the company says.

At the heart of each display package is a slender, organized display shelf with Bodywand brand signage. Additionally, XGEN is providing free testers of each of the five main featured items from the Bodywand family, including the new Minis, Midnight, Rechargeable, USB Rechargeable and the Original Plug-in.

XGEN says it hopes retailers will find the package pricing as powerful as the products themselves. Besides the free shelf display and product testers, the Bodywand display package includes 24 Mini Bodywands (12 pastel, 12 neon), 10 USB Rechargeables, 6 Rechargeable Bodywands, six Midnight Bodywands, four Bodywand Attachments, and 16 Original Plug-in Bodywands, available for $1,500.

"This is the perfect package for any retailer, whether or not they're new to the Bodywand family," XGEN President Andy Green said. "We put a lot of thought into this display, and I'm certain it will help our customers increase their Bodywand sales."

XGEN manufactures and distributes the Bodywand family of personal massagers and accessories. Interested retailers can contact an XGEN representative, email sales@xgenproducts.com , visit XGENProducts.com, or call (877) 450-9436.