Experimental Film Features Juicy Pink Box's 'Therapy'

Lila Gray

VALENCIA, Calif. — Brooklyn-based Internet artist Jonathan Harris focalized Juicy Pink Box’s film, “Therapy,” in his experimental, interactive documentary, “I Love Your Work,” available on the web.

The project captures performers Ela Darling, Ryan Keely, Jett Bleu, Dylan Ryan, Nic Switch, Delores Haze, Simone Valentine and director Jincey Lumpkin, on-screen and off, as they share their emotions, fears and fantasies on the therapist’s chaise lounge.

“For ‘Therapy’, we removed the social formalities of a therapy session,” Lumpkin said. “When patients are confessing a particularly erotic memory or fantasy, they are encouraged to go with their feelings, however sensual. The couch becomes a place of pleasure, where each sexy revelation invokes touching. The clothes slowly come off and the stories pour forth, leaving the lesbian patients naked physically and mentally.”

Performers' heated confessions give way to solo masturbation scenes. 

Harris used a conceptual format — 2,202 10-second video clips taken at five-minute intervals throughout 10 consecutive days of filming “Therapy” — to translate the all-girl film into a effervescent pictorial menagerie.   

He explained that the 10-second clip length was based on the original length of free teaser videos on porn sites used to entice viewers. “They are partially teasers for porn, but primarily teasers for life,” Harris said. The director also noted that his film defies traditional reality TV because Harris excerises no executive editing of the material, ensuring that the end-product has no agenda.   

“Jonathan has a way of getting under your skin, of removing the mask you show the world and getting to the heart of you,” Lumpkin said. “I didn't like being out of control in that way. It actually gave me a lot of respect for my Juicy Pink Box stars. It takes courage to bare your body and soul for the camera lens."

“I Love Your Work” is limited to 10 viewers per day. Tickets cost $10 each for 24 hours of full interactive access to the film.