Marc Dorcel in Full Force at European Digital TV Conference

Bob Johnson

PARIS — Marc Dorcel announced today that it would be out in full force at the Digital TV CEE conference to be held June 25-27 in Krakow, Poland.

In addition to exhibiting its content, channels and on-line services, Vladimir Gasic, CEO of VMD Gmbh, the studio’s distribution arm, will be a key participant on the “New Opportunities for International Channel Providers Panel” on June 27 at 10.15 a.m.

The company said that this year, central and eastern Europe’s leading TV event will address the growing complexity and diversity of the TV industry across the region, providing an unparalleled opportunity to hear about the experience of operators and broadcasters in different countries and to share experiences.

Gasic will share his background in content distribution, platforms and operators, and successful his experience in the launch of TV channels, VOD and OTT services in Europe with top executives of the digital TV industry.

The focus of Gasic’s talk will be on the key issues of today’s market. He will be asking if the growing range of options available to content providers mean that they have an opportunity to supplement their traditional dual-revenue stream model, andwhat innovations offer the best prospects for making additional revenue?

Dorcel will be on Pod 3, Content zone in the Park Inn hotel in Krakow.