Brittany Andrews Appears as Speaker During Art Gallery Event

NEW YORK Brittany Andrews has teamed up with New York’s Rox Gallery, art curator Lauren Xandra, performance artist Carolee Schneemann and artist-muse Natalie White to present Here Comes the Scroll.

The event takes place this Sunday, June 9 from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Rox Gallery on Delancey Street.

Andrews will be one of the participants in a live stage interview. The conversation will focus on sex/gender, spectacle/performativity, and representation/power of women in art.

Andrews will discuss her career in the adult industry and her stage show Porning the Planet: The Desensitization of a Nation by director Raquel Almazan.

After a Q&A with the public, the conversation will lead into an art auction benefitting Restore NYC.

Restore NYC works to stop sex trafficking, an issue they define as the exploitation of vulnerabilities in order to extract sex.

The Rox Gallery is located at 86 Delancey Street, New York, N.Y.

For more information, contact Xandra at or