Forno TV Now Accepts Debit Cards

Lila Gray

LUXEMBOURG — Forno TV announced today that it will allow people to use debit cards to register for its services. Previously, Forno required a credit card as proof of age.

Launched last year, Forno is a new platform that allows adult content owners, publishers and brands to distribute, promote and monetize their branded content across multiple Smart TV platforms.

It allows users to access to more 100,000 XXX videos to be used on all TVs that can connect to the internet.

"We're delighted to be able to make registration easier for our global customers,” a Forno spokesperson said. “We have received many emails about debit card registration, so we're delighted to make this a reality."

Debit card registration is currently only available via Forno’s website, but the company plans to extend its services directly to the TV in the near future.