Red Apple Media Adds New Data Centers to Network

Bob Johnson

SAN DIEGO — Hosting solutions provider Red Apple Media announced today that it has bolstered its network with four state-of-the-art data centers located in four strategic spots around the world.

With locations in Southern California, Arizona, Virginia and The Netherlands, the company said it is now equipped to provide clients with the fastest, most powerful, and most current hosting and data streaming services on the market.

Following tactical research and testing, the company secured the three data centers to supplement their primary San Diego facility, each with proven track records of top-level quality service, truly redundant bandwidth, and local network infrastructure.

Fully certified and compliant, the data centers feature optimal connectivity and peering arrangements with exprienced network engineers.

“The data centers we work with are pioneers in their own ways and often involve us in various pilot projects that keep us on top of the latest technologies and options in cloud hosting and virtualization,” Red Apple Media vice president of sales Michelle Lockhart said.

She added, “We are already seeing interest in what might be the next big thing: 4K high-definition video and 3D video without the use of 3D glasses. These technologies will use significantly more bandwidth than current formats, so we are beefing up our data pipes, increasing bandwidth commitments, and researching the best ways to provide distributed storage for these large video files.”

The company noted that it takes care of clients regardless of unforeseen challenges like large spikes in bandwidth use. It also said its clients appreciate that the company’s data centers have the capacity to allow extremely high speeds without over saturation. And with constant monitoring, backups and redundancy, clients are not compromised by unexpected events.

“Like insurance, you can get by without it, but it's really nice to know you have it in place if something unexpected happens,” Lockhart said. “In our world, you can find cheap servers at many places, but with no backups, no redundancy or failover, no monitoring, no firewalls, no staff to handle problems — whether hardware failure, or natural disaster, or even unexpected business growth — your online livelihood is at risk.”

For more information about the hosting, e-commerce and data streaming services, contact Lockhart at or call (888) 321-6239.