Coco Brown Partners With Artist Michael Dyne Mieth for Space Shoe Design

LOS ANGELES CoCo Brown, who will be headed into space soon, announced her partnership with artist Michael Dyne Mieth.

She collaborated with Mieth to create a unique hand painted design for her space shoes. Mieth used acrylic to paint intricate galaxies, stars and planets on the shoes and Brown was so thrilled with the result that she commissioned him to paint more of her shoes, including a pair of stilettos, with the same design.

She is currently considering options for distributing the exclusive shoes to a wider audience.

"I love the shoes that Michael designed for my space trip," she said. "Now I feel like I'm really going into space in style. I might even take them for a test run at my next training mission in June."

The future astronaut looks forward to her next space training mission with the Dutch company that is flying her into orbit. The zero-gravity training mission will take place in Russia this October. She is scheduled to fly into orbit in early 2015.