Sinclair Institute Announces USDA Certified Organic Personal Lubricant

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. Sinclair Institute announced the availability of the new Sinclair Institute Select USDA Certified Organic Personal Lubricant and Moisturizer.

According to the company, USDA Organic Certification by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) guarantees that Sinclair Institute Select Organic Lubricant and Moisturizer is manufactured with organic ingredients that have been grown and handled according to strict procedures without persistent toxic chemical inputs.

Strict organic guidelines guarantee the ingredients are all-natural, paraben-free, and petrochemical free.

The company said that by using 100 percent natural and organic ingredients, no harsh chemicals are introduced into the body.

“Our new USDA Certified Organic Lubricant has been in development for two years and we could not be happier with the formulation,” said Rebecca Cook, director of marketing, new product development and wholesale operations.

“Consumers are increasingly engaged and discerning when they shop for sexual health and wellness, and Sinclair’s USDA Certified Organic lubricant is a fantastic chemical-free, paraben-free and pesticide-free product.” 

For wholesale information contact Rebecca Cook or call (888) 736-2247.