Verified Call to Offer Skype Dates, Invites Cosplayers to Join

SAN FRANCISCO Verified Call is expanding its services and performers will soon have the ability to go on Skype Dates with their fans.

The company is currently working on the technology and funding to be able to provide this service.

"Just as we've streamlined the monetization of phone calls, we want to make it easier for performers to bill and collect from their Skype Dates,” says Kurt Vogner, president of Verified Call. “Skype dates have become more popular, but the girls who try to do it on their own sometimes have a problem getting paid. Our new services will change all that and give the fans the option to see and talk to their girls at the same time.”

In addition to this expansion in services, Verified Call is also expanding into new fan bases such as cosplay.

Verified Call is inviting traditional cosplayers who are not involved in adult to start using the service. 

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