Priya Rai Featured in September Issue of Hustler

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.  The September issue of Hustler will feature an examination of Priya Rai’s spiritual journey (“I have fun whatever I do now”) and an exploration by journalist Simone Wilson of how violence thrives in the Middle East.

In “Jimmy Pardo: Still Hungry,” Conan O’Brien’s warm-up guy tells reporter Lana Sias his dirtiest secrets (“We get undressed and nakedly sort our clothing into whites and coloreds, then neatly fold them. Sorting! That’s my fetish.”)

Internet performer Lily Figuera poses for an eight-page spread, and "A Laptop and a Dream” tells the inside story of how she makes more money than most without even getting out of bed (“The reason I make this much money is because I don’t care. I’m okay with people watching me").

And, in “Naked or Nude?,” photographic artist Asia Hamilton explores the fine line between art and sleaze (“Some of the greatest works of art are of nude people”).

Hustler Cover Honey and centerfold Tiffany Miller appears in her first nude layout (“We were tempted to say she’s wet behind the ears, but, frankly, that doesn’t seem to be the moistest part of this babe’s body).

Also featured are Alyssa Reece (“I’m always willing to put on a show for my lovers”) and Catie Parker (“I just want to be naked and share the love”).

Additional pictorials feature Nicole Aniston in “Domestic Bliss,” and a mix of pornstars in “Hardcore Showcase.” editor Robert Scheer looks at how the Fourth Amendment is being ripped to shreds in “Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye,” and syndicated columnist Nat Hentoff sounds the alarm about maverick Republican Rand Paul in “Bold Move.”

The issue hits the street on Tuesday, June 11.