Lea Lexis Featured in U.K. Sunday Sport Newspaper

LOS ANGELES  Romanian actress Lea Lexis interviewed with U.K. newspaper Sunday Sport and commented on Vatican City's recent illegal download scandal.

Sunday Sport is a popular British tabloid known by its readers for delivering the best stories in celebrity news.

When Sunday Sport learned that TorrentFreak.com had released a list of pirated films downloaded in the holy city-state that included a scene that Lexis had shot with Krissy Lynn for Kink.com affiliate site WhippedAss.com, the magazine asked for her reaction.

"Honestly, I wasn't that shocked by the scene they downloaded," she said. "It doesn't surprise me that a bunch of repressed religious idols would need a release every now and then, but I was disappointed that they chose to pirate the film instead of purchasing it. One of the Ten Commandments is Thou Shalt Not Steal and that's not a very good example to set for their followers."

In the interview she also criticizes the church for its hypocrisy in publicly condemning the adult entertainment industry while secretly downloading the same films they urge their followers to renounce.

The Kink.com scene that was downloaded featured Lexis and Krissy Lynn engaging in S&M, bondage, whips and hardcore sex.

Lexis was featured in the May issue of U.K. men's magazine Ravers DVD in a spread for her Digital Playground release "Home Wreckers 4."