MiKandi Develops 2 Google Glass Apps

Lila Gray

SEATTLE — Leading adult Android app creator and distributor MiKandi will be launching two applications for Google Glass in the next few days, actualizing the anticipated wedding of the cutting-edge device and the porno biz.  

MiKandi is not ready to release detailed information about the apps, but one will likely be available within the week, MiKandi Co-Founder Jen McEwen told XBIZ. The other will follow soon after.

According to McEwen, MiKandi is using the unique platform of “Glass” to transcend the unidirectional camera lens and offer customers a more interactive experience.   

“Some studios tend to think of it just like a camera, like a GoPro, but it’s really not,” McEwen said. “It can send and receive data, so there’s a lot of really cool interaction that you can potentially do with this device — and I really think that this could potentially change the way that we communicate with each other.”

Because Glass’ API levels were not as robust as MiKandi initially believed they would be, the company was not able to build “super interactive applications” with it just yet, but will continue to innovate as Google updates its software, McEwen said and mentioned two-way video chats with models, porn stars and nonprofessionals as a likely next step.

MiKandi has also been busy beyond app production, and already began shooting video content with the nascent device. Confirming the expectations of many tech and industry professionals, the company is focusing first on POV footage because, according to McEwen, Glass is “just perfect” for that type of recording.

“It’s natural to wear and very familiar so you can forget about that technology that’s on your head and really just be in the moment while you’re recording,” McEwen explained to XBIZ. “You can shoot very personal, intimate content.”

As MiKandi continues to rapidly develop technology for Glass (they’ve only had their pair for two weeks), they are also working to endear their company to Google and other large companies by “going through their terms with a magnifying glass” and using the device “in a responsible way,” McEwen said.

“We are very conscious to play within their boundaries and be respectful of their terms,” she said. “I think that showing these companies that we’re willing to work within the rules will hopefully change the way that [they] feel about the adult industry and help change the stigma that this industry is unfortunately branded with.”

Google Glass is slated for public release in 2014.