Adult Performers Coalition for Choice Comments on AB 332 Status

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Assembly Bill 332, a statewide mandate that would require barrier protection to be used on adult film productions, was tabled today by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Adult Performers Coalition for Choice spokesperson Lydia Lee has issued the following statement:

“As spokesperson for the Adult Performers Coalition For Choice (APC4C), I am thrilled by this decision. After watching AB332 co-author Assemblyman Isadore Hall III and AIDS Healthcare Foundation—the sole sponsor of the bill—speak for performers without asking active performers what they want or need, it is a real vindication to see this bill die in committee. As a coalition of performers we know that this bill is too simplistic to address the needs of adult film production. This bill was just a sound bite proposal lacking complex understanding of what it takes to protect performers. Overwhelming, performers in the adult film industry do not support AB 332. He does not speak for us. And he has it all wrong.

“Effectively removing a choice does not protect performers. This ill-conceived bill was constructed without the input of the adult industry. Isadore Hall and AHF have never spoken for performers, though we have been more than willing to share our invaluable experience.

“I’m proud to stand with the people I care about through APC4C to speak against mandatory condoms, to defy the idea that adult performers are victims, and to stand behind our testing protocols. There hasn’t been a single HIV transmission on a production set nationwide in nine years. This bill addresses a non-issue. It’s a relief to know that California won’t be burdened by a law that will make the adult industry less safe, not more safe. We know how to protect ourselves and our current protocols are more effective than this oversimplified bill. Cal/OSHA is already developing regulations for our industry based on extensive research. Testing works and is the best primary protocol for preventing the spread of STDs. AB 332 is just the wrong approach.

“Measure B passed last year, yet it has not resulted in one more condom being used. People are simply shooting outside of L.A. County. I dread to think what would happen if a statewide mandate were imposed. Testing works and is the best primary protocol for preventing the spread of STDs., Today is a celebratory day!”

For more information on AB 332 and APC4C's opposition to mandated condom use, click here.