Devil's Film Announces Collector's Edition 5-Packs

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Devil’s Film has announced the launch of its new color-coded Collector’s Edition 5-Packs. Released in sets of 12, each bundle includes five full-length, genre-specific DVDs taken from Devil’s Film’s extensive library of niche product.

“Every 12-set of our Collector’s Edition 5-Packs now features our Devil’s embossed flame in a different color so that customers know it’s brand new and stores can push it as a fresh item,” said Steve Volponi, Devil’s Film’s vice president of sales and production. “The pacts also fit perfectly into our Devil's Film 112-piece, black spin-rack display."

“What we’re doing with these Collector’s Edition 5-Packs is unique and guaranteed to attract the consumer’s attention,” Volponi continued. “And while I hate to give my competition any trade secrets, I simply think we really don't have any competition in this area.”

Devil’s Film’s Green Collector’s Edition 5-Packs are available now. They include “Anal Initiation,” “Asses Galore,” “All In the Family 2,”  “Blast That Teen’s Ass 2,” “Cock Hungry Babysitters,” “Cream Pies 3,” “Cream Pie Nymphos,” “Damn, That’s a Hairy Pussy 2,” “Guys Who Crave It Up the Ass 2,” “Frat House Fuck Party,” “Lesbian Fuckfest 2” and “Transsexual Gang Bangin’ 2.”

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