Verified Call Looks for New Fresh Face

SAN FRANCISCO  Verified Call is searching for the next new performer to be the next model for the company as Bree Olson's inaugural year as the face of Verified Call is coming to a close.

The company said that the next model could be a newcomer, a MILF, or a performer who’s a household name — the competition is wide open.

The winning model will get a photo shoot and have her images featured in Verified Call’s ads, marketing and more, along with signing at their booth at trade shows and get interviews and other press.

“We’re open to many possibilities, and we want to hear from the industry and let them be part of the process,” said Kurt Vogner, president of Verified Call. “Bree has done an amazing job for us and we're looking forward to who inherits the crown. We don’t have one girl in mind, since we have over 800 girls signed up with us. But, we will know her when we see her.”

Agencies, studios and girls can submit themselves or nominate deserving performers by Tweeting to Verified Call at @verifiedcall.

Fans and other non-industry members can’t be part of the voting process as this is "of the industry, by the industry and for the industry."

To fill the position, girls must have a current Verified Call account or be in the process of setting one up. The month-long search will end in late June with the new face to be unveiled in July.

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