Minna Life Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LOS ANGELES — Minna Life, makers of the Ola vibrator, announced the launch of an Indiegogo campaign to fund the manufacturing of its newest product, Limon — the next generation of couples vibrator.  

According to the company, Minna Life’s mechatronics engineers, product designers, and sexperts have developed a product that is just as fun for couples as for singles.  

Some features include squeezable control, rumble technology, customizable memory, a unique shape and it is ergonomically designed. 

It is waterproof and composed of body-safe materials.  It is 100 percent phthalate-free and made with body safe silicone.  

“In developing Limon, we tried to create an approachable, fun product that lets couples and individuals explore and enjoy their sexuality,” co-founder and CEO Brian Krieger said. “Its unique form perfectly leverages our squeezable control technology and its exclusive rumble motor technology packs a powerful punch. With these innovative new features and the company’s revolutionary technology, Minna Life has successfully developed a new standard for improved pleasure and intimacy.”  

By launching an Indiegogo campaign, Minna Life hopes to achieve the necessary funding to begin manufacturing the product immediately and will then distribute and launch the product to consumers nationwide.  

For a starting contribution of $89, supporters will receive the Limon at a pre-sale price.  

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