Booty Parlor Line Now Available at Honey's Place

Bob Johnson

SAN FERNANDO, Calif. — Honey’s Place has announced that it is now carrying the entire line of Booty Parlor products.

The company said the focus of the brand will be on Booty Parlor’s pampering bath and beauty supplies that fit well with Honey's Place increasing selection of products.

Booty Parlor’s line includes pheromone-laced skin creams and perfume, aphrodisiac lip stains, kissable body toppings, and flirty bedroom accessories.

“We are very excited to be expanding our distribution with Honey’s Place,” Booty Parlor founder Dana B. Myers said. “We started Booty Parlor because we know that women are searching for higher quality, fun, sexy products that speak to their individual femininity and lifestyle. Booty Parlor is the first brand that really connects beauty with the bedroom and expanding our distribution with partners like Honey’s Place helps us expand our reach exponentially.”

Booty Parlor said it develops products inspired by their philosophy that every woman wants and deserves to feel sexy, desirable, confident and satisfied.

"We are excited that Booty Parlor selected Honey’s Place to be one of their preferred distributors,” Honey’s Place CEO and President Bonnie Feingold said.

She added, “Honey’s Place is proud to offer this complete line, adding to the already diverse selection of products that we currently carry. Booty Parlor bridges the gap between adult and mainstream products. Their packaging is designed to promote and enhance femininity and sexuality. This line will be ideal for retailers who are want products with a mainstream feel in their stores.“

Retailers interested in Booty Parlor can contact Honey’s Place at (800) 910-3246 or email