EroAdvertising Launches New InVideo Ad Plugin

Lila Gray

OSS, The Netherlands — International adult advertising network EroAdvertising launched a new plugin for InVideo Ads that supports a multitude of video players with new features.

It is now possible to show InVideo Ads in several Flash and HTML5 video players: Kernel Team Player, Flow Player and JW Player.

The players now offer new functionalities, including preroll, pause, midroll and postroll; option to use "fading"; ad positions like top-left, top-center, top-right, left-middle, center, right-middle, left-bottom, center-bottom and right-bottom; and more ad-size options in the players.

The InVideo Ads plugin supports video players on PCs, smartphones and tablets. Advertisers can now selectively target (or exclude) ad spots using EroAdvertising’s new plugin.

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