Secret Passion Now Offering Express Delivery Service

LONDON Online toy retailer Secret Passion has announced the launch of its new express delivery service.

The service, which costs £2.95 per order, will ensure customers are able to get their hands on their new purchases on the same or next day, depending on their needs, the company said.

The company said it will be utilizing a fast and secure courier company to ensure all express deliveries are transported on-time to a U.K. location of the customer’s choice.

“Quite simply, people shouldn’t wait any longer for their goods than they have to," a company representative said. "We appreciate that a lot of people buy our products as gifts, so many are keen to get hold of them as soon as possible, especially if they’ve left their order a little late. We are also eager to encourage customers to remain loyal to our brand by offering competitive deals on delivery. Plenty of online retailers sting their shoppers by presenting them with unexpected postage and packaging costs at the very end of the buying process, a trick which has been proven to lead to resentment and, in many cases, will lead the customer to abandon their purchase entirely.”

All items are sent out in plain, non-descript boxes, ensuring complete peace of mind for all shoppers.

For more information, click here.