Priya Rai Goes Mainstream

LOS ANGELES Priya Rai has made the leap into mainstream.

Rai is the star and co producer of the just released mainstream horror film "Isis Rising; Curse Of The Lady Mummy" for TomKat Films.

The film has been getting positive reactions.

"I just went to a screening of the film here in Arizona with director Lisa Palencia this weekend," she said. "Everybody really enjoyed what we did, I costarred and co produced this with James Bartholet. I really enjoy working on mainstream movies, and I'm working on more projects this year. I'm starting to make a break away from the adult film work. I know I have fans that will hate hearing this, but I feel it's time for me to make a real transition now."

The trailer for the film "Isis Rising" is now viewable on You Tube.

Rai also stars in a music video for Canadian rapper One Shot titled "Dirtiest Girl" featuring Stone Beast.

You can view the video now on Vimeo here.

She has a new T Shirt released from Tit's T Shirts that will be available in the next few weeks as well.