Kayla-Jane Danger Is Spokesmodel, Participant in goldRush Rally

LAS VEGAS  Kayla-Jane Danger is the official spokesmodel and a participant at this year's goldRush Rally.

She'll be taking to the wheel in her newly tricked out Mercedes C250. The premiere automotive lifestyle rally starts in San Francisco on June 8 and ends in Chicago on June 15 with stops in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Memphis and St. Louis.

“I’ve been ramping up for the rally for almost a year and can’t wait to be part of the pack in my newly pimped out ride — I picked it up in L.A. last week and got to push it to its limits on my drive back to Vegas,” Danger said. “I’ve been a passenger on multiple rallies, but doing the driving myself will be adventurous and exciting. I can’t wait to see what extreme events the rally comes up with this year for the drivers and fans.”

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