JuicyAds Adds Lifestyle Department, Taps Industry Vet

Rhett Pardon

SAN FRANCISCO — JuicyAds has tapped an industry veteran with a "stellar track record" in marketing, public relations and events to helm its newly launched Lifestyle Department.

JuicyAds wouldn't disclose the name of the "mystery hire," but company officials said publishers and advertisers should profit from an entire department devoted to lifestyle products and services.

"We are ecstatic about this move forward because we see so much untapped potential in the lifestyle market segment and for us it was just a matter of finding precisely the right person to make it all happen," said Jay of JuicyAds.com.

"For now we are keeping her name a mystery, but anyone who wants the full details is encouraged to contact us and we will show you why this Juicy Ads expansion is so important to maximizes your own revenue streams."

Now with a full-time coordinator for lifestyle products and services, "the Juicy Ads brand will be seen hosting events, setting up gatherings and assisting VIPs with becoming better connected so that everyone can amplify profits while having the best time at each destination along the way."

"For more information or to learn who the mystery hire is, be sure to contact us at JuicyAds.com or say hello during any one of the upcoming events we will be sponsoring," Jay said.

JuicyAds provides webmasters with an online marketplace for publishers to increase revenue by selling ad space to advertisers, specializing in direct-buy ads on specific websites and targeted run-of-network campaigns.  

JuicyAds' traffic service originally launched publicly in 2006 after years of providing traffic privately in both mainstream and adult market segments since 2002.  

Today, JuicyAds delivers more than 1 billion impressions daily and serves more than 73,000 websites and 39,000 clients.