TROJAN Lubricants Rolls Out 1st Primetime Ad Campaign

Ariana Rodriguez

VISTA, Calif. — Paradise Marketing reports that TROJAN Lubricants has unveiled a multimillion-dollar mainstream advertising campaign promoting the big-name brand’s newest line of silicone lubricants.

Kicking off with a debut on CBS, three new TROJAN Lubricants ads will be on rotation on TV networks across the country.

TROJAN Lubricants recently debuted three lubricants each with a different formulation and silicone base to give couples unique intimate sensations and continuous pleasure. Now backed with a mainstream promotional campaign, the new lubricants are making waves with men, women and couples across the country and Paradise Marketing is the adult industry’s go-to source.

“This is a historic ad buy never before seen in the adult product business and these three new TROJAN Lubricants varieties are expected to sweep the market,” Paradise Marketing CEO Dennis Paradise said. “This massive advertising campaign assures that this is a lube line that consumers will ask for by name and Paradise Marketing is proud to provide each variety adult retailers. Look out for three clever versions on rotation on primetime, late-night and even cable.”

TROJAN Tingly Warmth Lubricant “for a Crazy Sexy feel” features a blend of ingredients that gives couples a warming sensation. TROJAN Continuous Silkiness Lubricant offers smooth and natural sensations while TROJAN Arouses & Intensifies Lubricant indulges couples’ sensations during foreplay and sensual massage.

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