Sam Barclay, JP Dubois to Launch New Website June 1

LONDON — Porn performers Sam Barclay and JP Dubois announced that they will be launching their new website, on June 1. 

They say the website, which took two years to complete, features guys from the U.K. as well as some international performers. 

“Every minor aspect of design has gone through vigorous development, idea changes and conceptualization,” Barclay and Dubois said. 

They said they wanted to create something for the modern man and package it in a way that was clean and effortless, without confusion from banners, adverts or cams. 

“Just because this is porn, doesn’t mean it can’t be as beautiful and user-friendly as something much more mainstream,” they said. “Porn shouldn’t have to be dark and dingy. We wanted to bring it into the light with something crisp and white with beautiful detailing.” 

They said their methodology was to create a slick, sporty and clean cut website while reflecting the values of athletes who are beautiful, muscular, lean and fit. 

Members who pre-sign up starting May 1 will receive free access to the site for one month.  

The site is also offering affiliate bonuses with an increased revenue share of 60 percent.