Asa Akira to Make Directing Debut for Elegant Angel

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Adult film star Asa Akira told XBIZ she is making her directorial debut for Elegant Angel with the gonzo movie “Gangbanged 6” set for release in June.

“I’m so excited,” Akira said. “Elegant has been going through a bunch of changes lately and they were just talking about some directors and I was like, ‘Well, what about me?’ So I met with the creative crew there, and then I met with [owner] Patrick Collins, and I gave them some concepts as well as a budget I could work with. It all just happened really fast.”

The New York native Akira is widely considered one of the industry’s top performers, racking up more than 300 movie credits since beginning a full-time porn career in 2008. In the process, Akira has also amassed two dozen industry awards, including the 2012 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year honor and the 2013 X-Rated Critics Organization Female Performer of the Year award.

She said that she currently is in the middle of shooting the latest edition of “Gangbanged” with a top-secret cast that features two of the industry’s most reputable female performers.

Akira played coy about naming names. “I will say that because it’s ‘Gangbanged,’ it features two girls per movie, and the two girls that I have booked are girls that I think are really at the top of their game right now and I have so much respect for them as performers,” Akira said. “They’re just girls that I really like in general.”

When it came time to discuss what she would do first for Elegant Angel, Akira said “Gangbanged” was a no-brainer.

“It was kind of a unanimous decision. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a fan of gangbangs. I’ve shot several for Elegant, and I know what they like and their style. Their slogan is like, ‘Where the girls cum too.’ I feel like I’m the epitome of that,” she said.

While the word “gangbang” is a permanent part of the porn lexicon, what exactly constitutes one? Four guys and one girl? Or is it five? Is anal necessary? Akira offered some clarity.

“I’ve often wondered this myself and I’ve asked fans. I’ve asked Twitter, I’ve asked production companies, [my agent Mark] Spiegler, and everyone has a different answer,” Akira explained. “But the average answer is at least five guys, and there must be anal involved. That seems to be the average. And only the vagina and mouth doesn’t seem to be enough holes. There definitely needs to be at least three holes filled. I wonder if there’s a Wikipedia for gangbangs?”

It seems fitting that Akira would make Elegant Angel her first stop as a director. She has a whopping 24 career movie credits for the company, including three volumes of her signature series, “Asa Akira is Insatiable.”

“Elegant Angel has always been my favorite company to work for,” Akira said. “I really like their style. I like that they always put the girl first and they make the girl look good, which I don’t think is so much the main focus of every company out there right now. The girls, we like to do a good job for Elegant Angel.”

Elegant Angel also shot Akira’s first anal scene, her first double-penetration scene, her first double-anal, her first double-vag, first gangbang and her first blowbang.

“I was joking with the people at Elegant that I didn’t really think I had any firsts left, outside of my first snuff film,” Akira cracked. “I’m very happy to have yet another first to give them, and I’m so proud that they are going to be releasing it.”

Akira said that while her deal with Elegant Angel is not exclusive that she is not planning to direct for anyone else.

“I want to get my feet wet and learn,” she continued. “And from the bottom of my heart, I really feel Elegant is putting out the best stuff out there right now. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that.”

She said that for “Gangbanged 6” she’ll stay behind the camera—with a few exceptions.

“One girl will be featured per gangbang, but my presence will be known,” Akira revealed. “I’m not going to cut myself short here. I definitely want to indulge.”

The popular star said that Spanish stud Toni Ribas, the reigning XBIZ Foreign Male Performer of the Year and a veteran director himself, would be her lead videographer for “Gangbanged 6.” She outlined the ingredients that make a great sex scene.

“My niche is definitely rough sex. It’s what I’m most known for. I think it’s so important that the girl enjoys the scene,” Akira reasoned. “That’s the main thing, passion in the scene and that the girl is really enjoying herself. That’s something that Elegant has always subscribed to.”

In order to achieve that, Akira said, “I think it’s so important the girl gets the makeup artist she wants, the talent that she wants, and a nice, intimate environment where she is comfortable.”

“I’ve performed for so many companies that I think I have a really good understanding of what can bring a great scene out of the girls,” she continued. “I know what’s worked for me, and I know what makes me comfortable and what makes me want to have really great sex and what turns me on.”

Akira also assured that she has no intentions of retiring from performing any time soon.

“Doing porn was my fantasy and it still is. If I was just going to get it out of my system, I would’ve thought that would’ve happened at two years. But I don’t see an end to this. I’m still enjoying myself. I’m not going to stop performing and I’m not ready to leave the business at all,” she said.

Photo of Asa at the XBIZ Awards on Jan. 11, 2013, in Century City, Calif., by Jeff Koga.