Pink Visual's PluginFeeds Adds 4 New Couples-Friendly Products

Bob Johnson

VAN NUYS, Calif. — PluginFeeds, the leased feeds division of Pink Visual, announced today the launch of four new feeds; Juicy Pink Box, Amateur Lust, Erotic Mind and It’s Her Fantasy.

“These feeds are built from the best high-end content we’ve ever produced,” Pink Visual vice president Kristin Wynters said. “They’re also our most female-friendly and couples-friendly lines, which is an important factor in the post-‘50 Shades’ world, so to speak.”

The Juicy Pink Box feed is the latest manifestation of the growing relationship between Pink Visual and lesbian porn auteur Jincey Lumpkin, enabling PluginFeeds clients to offer the director’s unique brand of “artsy-yet-raw lesbian porn,” according to Wynters.

“Jincey’s content is really nothing like the lesbian content offered by any other producer, including our own previous girl-girl lines,” Wynters said. “It’s more ‘high-gloss’ than content I’ve seen made by lesbians for lesbians, but no less passionate or authentic.”

The “Amateur Lust line” is shot by Michelle Lust, an Australian videographer whose previous work includes shooting for Featuring all-Aussie amateur talent, Wynters said the content is unlike anything Pink Visual has done before.

“It’s mostly solo-girl, with great interaction between Michelle and the performers,” Wynters said. “The personality of the women really shines through, and more than watching a porn scene, you feel like you’re watching a sort of kinky confession — minus the priest and the Hail Marys afterward, of course.”

Wynters described “Erotic Mind” as “what gonzo porn would be like if it had been invented by a woman.”

“Unlike a lot of the content that people think of when they hear the term ‘couples-friendly,’ Erotic Mind is not plot-driven, and it doesn’t include any real dialogue to speak of,” Wynters said. “What makes it couples-friendly is the sex itself. Instead o f being like a gymnastics competition that includes a double-penetration floor routine — which is what a lot of porn reminds me of — it depicts sex acts that the average woman won’t watch and think: ‘There’s no way I’m ever doing that.’”

As the name implies, each episode of “It’s Her Fantasy” centers on the sexual fantasies of the female lead in the scene. Wynters emphasized that in producing the content, Pink Visual took its cues from the featured performer, allowing her to call the shots — in a very literal sense.

“We told the directors involved that what we didn’t want was a series in which they tell the performer what to pretend her fantasies are,” Wynters said. “We wanted the ladies to essentially direct themselves, and the result is a set of scenes filled with passion that jumps right off the screen; real sex, real female orgasms, the real deal, through and through.”

All four of the feeds are available immediately to existing PluginFeeds (PIF) clients, who can log in to and add the feeds to their active PIF products. Those interested in becoming PIF clients can sign up at, or by contacting, or Wynters at