AWE Presents Exclusive Workshop at XBIZ Summit

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ has updated its official XBIZ Summit schedule to include the addition of a workshop hosted by AWE, entitled “How to Sell Live Interactive Content.”

Presented by AWEmpire, the XBIZ Summit is the perfect backdrop for showcasing the company’s market leading interactive services, which appeal to the Summit’s audience of frontline operators and entrepreneurs. Many of these attendees are seeking affiliate based moneymaking solutions for monetizing today’s interaction-hungry live porn consumers.

The XBIZ Summit will be held in Miami on May 14-17 at the Mayfair Hotel & Spa in seaside Coconut Grove, Fla., bringing networking, education and executive deal-making to this annual get together of the adult entertainment industry’s top movers and shakers.

At this year’s event, live video chat leader AWE will offer an informative workshop for current and prospective cam promoters and performers, detailing today’s most profitable techniques as well as the basic psychology of cam consumers; along with the promotional role of social media and its impact on interactivity and personal connectivity.

The AWE workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, May 15, at 11 a.m. and will be offered by industry veteran and Sr. Authorized Consultant, Douglas Richter, who looks forward to meeting webmasters, performers and affiliate program owners.

“I am very excited to showcase the industry-leading live cam solution at one of the leading adult Internet conventions,” Richter told XBIZ. “It is an excellent opportunity for folks to learn about the philosophy and technology behind the AWEmpire products.”

Previous AWE presentations have included “How to Succeed as a Live Cam Model” and “How to Succeed with Interactive Content” — bringing the cam company’s considerable expertise to prior XBIZ event attendees.

“Whether it involves promoting the company’s flagship, one of its niche sister-sites or a custom white label,” XBIZ Senior Editor Stephen Yagielowicz explains, “Many adult webmasters and entrepreneurs have made (and continue to make) money with AWE — but regardless of their experience level, all attendees can benefit from the insider tips that are only revealed at these exclusive special sessions.”

“If you’re at all interested in the webcam business,” Yagielowicz adds, “Then this session is for you.”

Attendees are advised to complete their travel plans swiftly, as the official show venue at the Mayfair Hotel has sold out; although additional rooms are currently available nearby at the Sonesta Hotel. adult business network members and select adult website operators may also qualify for a free or discounted registration for a limited time only.

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