Releases 2 New Domestic Titles

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — has announced the domestic DVD release of two new titles — lesbian film “Erotic Girls” (GG #117), and “Girls And Their Boys #2,” the company's second foray into couples' erotica.

The studio said in keeping with its style and recipe for success, talent in the films comes in “all natural flavors” and are free of cosmetic surgery and wear only a modicum of make-up.

“In addition to placing a strong focus on the female model's experience and the passion shared between her and her partner, we're using only real-life partners," CEO Garion Hall said.

Hall added that the company’s girl/boy content is a little different from the “norm” and its sensitivity to the many varied forms of female sexuality has been earning praise from fans and critics alike.

Both DVDs are being distributed domestically by Wicked Pictures.