AdultAppMart Releases 1st Cybersocket App

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — AdultAppMart and Cybersocket announced today their partnership to bring Cybersocket’s first official native app exclusively to AdultAppMart’s store.

The companies said the app lets users access the Cybersocket Web Directory gay porn information source. Other features of the app include detailed gay porn DVD and site reviews, movie trailer videos, and articles from Cybersocket Magazine.

“We have wanted to expand further into the gay market for some time now and Cybersocket is the best gay network out there so it was the perfect fit for us,” AdultAppMart’s Quinn said. “They have such a huge loyal fan base and we hope to be able to give their fans exactly what they want with this app.”

“We were looking for a partner that could take a complex set of functions and information sources and help us to organize them into an easily usable and readable mobile platform accessible through an App,” Morgan Sommer, co-owner of Cybersocket Inc, said.

He added, “AdultAppMart has stepped up and created a very cool interface that gives the mobile user all of our magazine editorial, daily updates, our extensive library of DVD and website reviews, model profiles, etc. This should make it much easier for users to find what they are looking for. This has been our mission from day one and AdultAppMart is definitely the perfect partner to help Cybersocket evolve.”

To download the free Cybersocket app click here.

AdultAppMart said it is seeking other companies interested in app development. More information can be found here.