Evil Angel Debuts EVIL by Ricky Carralero Fashion Line

Ariana Rodriguez

LAS VEGAS — Evil Angel was the talk of the recent International Lingerie Show, where the  production company and its iconic founder John Stagliano unveiled a new fashion and lifestyle brand, EVIL by Ricky Carralero.

EVIL by Ricky Carralero includes T-shirts for men and women, as well edgier fetish-inspired lingerie, clubwear dresses, leggings and swimwear.

Featuring the work of renowned erotic artist Ricky Carralero, the styles embrace the vision of Stagliano with designs created by Laura Rivera. Justin Rich, Evil Angel’s sales manager of two years, now also handles the marketing and branding of EVIL by Ricky Carralero, and manned the brand’s booth during ILS.

“ILS was our unofficial launch of the line and we got such a great response that we’re planning to fast-forward production,” Rich told XBIZ. “We meant to use ILS to feel out the response to the collection and we got the response that we were looking for. People said it was the most unique product at the show. We got orders and are now looking at shipping by the end of the month.”

Carralero, whose work has appeared in Buttman Magazine over the last 18 years, and Stagliano, influential inventor of gonzo-style porn and the auteur behind the classic film “Fashionistas,” worked closely on the styles with Laura Rivera, who supervises production and design.

According to Rich, “Fashionistas” has served as an inspiration for the new line, with upcoming styles based on the sexy outfits featured in the film. Future designs will fit into the “Chameleons” category such as a woman’s business suit that transforms into a kinkier look.

Another example of the brand’s unique fetishwear is what Rich describes as “Wedgiewear” — a style exemplified by the collection’s “Camel Toe” panties, which caused a stir at ILS.

“We wanted to accentuate the camel toe for the woman that wants to turn her guy on,” Rich said. “The design features a seam in the front that makes it tighter, while still easy to wear. Our model had them on at the show and she said it was comfortable.”

With EVIL by Ricky Carralero’s core styles still being hammered out, Rich said future designs will also include men’s fashion, with limited edition T-shirt styles and logo branded styles. Items will be in the high-end range and will retail between $60-130, the higher price for the limited edition pieces.Carralero’s art will be sublimated onto spandex and polyester blends in vibrant colors that won’t bleed or fade. Also in the works are more launch parties, including one in Florida, as well as exhibiting at the major apparel tradeshow, Magic.

For more information, visit EVILByRC.com.