OC Modeling Signs Male Performer Prince Yahshua

LOS ANGELES Performer and director Prince Yahshua has inked a deal with OC Modeling and has become the latest male talent to become part of its roster of stars.

“Being part of OC Modeling is the closest feeling to being back in Chicago — it’s like being at home, because Sandra and I have been so close over the last few years and now is finally the perfect time for me to be part of the OCM family,” Yahshua said. “It's my deepest honor to be a part of a real team that loves and cares for each other. Even greater things are about to happen for me and my company Silverback Entertainment, and I’m glad to have the power house of OCM to be there with me to see and enjoy it all.”

Prince Yahshua has worked with the top stars and studios in the biz, has more than 2,000 scenes to his credit and is known for the interracial scenes he produces for Silverback Entertainment.

“I’m so proud to have Prince Yahshua as part of our team — he’s my friend and this has been something coming for a long time,” said Sandra McCarthy, co-owner of OC Modeling.

“He’s built an empire, but still manages to stay grounded and humble and appreciates everything whether it's minuscule advice or his next booking. He also offers new talent advice and guidance and asks for nothing in return. I admire and love this man. This union of Silverback Entertainment and OC Modeling will be epic, and is just the beginning of a great year for all of us at OC Modeling and the industry.”