Nikki Delano to Star in Brazilian TV Documentary

NEW YORK — Nikki Delano was followed for one week by mainstream Brazilian television show “Na Pele,” translated “In My Skin."

The documentary-style program will air on Global-TV this summer. The show follows interesting and influential people of all walks of life for a week, and presents a true day-in-the-life feel for the chosen personalities.

Delano was chosen along with Shy Love. The show followed the two ladies from March 27 through April 2, recording every facet of their lives, including filming a porn scene between Delano and new male talent Joey Driver.

“It was an intimate experience being followed from morning to night,” Delano said, “I enjoyed every minute of it and I think everyone who sees it will really see who the real Nikki Delano is.”

Delano also shot a music video for hip-hop band Big Face Hunnits for their song, “Play Your Role,” alongside porn performer Kiara Mia and model Samantha Padilla.

The video will appear on MTV and BET.

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