FSC Says 2257 Inspections Have Begun

Michael Hayes
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition is reporting that FBI agents have checked the records of a “major” primary producer of adult content, beginning what could be a round of long-awaited 2257 inspections.

FSC Communications Director Tom Hymes said that he could not confirm the identity of the company inspected, but he did say that five FBI agents checked the company’s records for specific movies, used their own copying equipment and left the location.

Industry sources have reported that FBI agents inspected Anabolic Video and Diabolic Video in Chatsworth, Calif.

According to Hymes, companies that are primary and secondary producers of adult should expect inspections.

A secondary producer is anyone who publishes, reproduces or reissues explicit material.

Secondary producers that are FSC members need only subject their primary producer records to inspection, Hymes said.

Hymes added that FSC members that are exclusively secondary producers or both primary and secondary producers that are exempt from inspection by virtue of FSC membership should contact their attorneys to learn how to properly decline the federal inspection.

Judge Walker D. Miller’s order staying 2257 record-keeping inspections for FSC members reached its one-year anniversary in June without any known inspections.

According to Hymes, the FSC believes that additional inspections are on the way.