Planet Earth USA Addresses FDA Adherence of ‘Ultimate’ Supplement

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — In the wake of recent announcements by the FDA, Planet Earth USA reinforces the position of male sex enhancer Ultimate as a legal alternative herbal penis pill brand.

Originally formulated in the U.K. under E.U. laws, Ultimate’s two penis pill products, Ultimate X and Ultimate P3, both adhere to E.U. and FDA guidelines and are free from prescription pharmaceutical ingredients, the company says.

Offering two types of product, a fast-acting pill — Ultimate X — and a long-term penis pill to benefit sexual stamina and performance — Ultimate P3 – the Ultimate brand caters also offers a series of complementary products such as an ejaculation delay cream and spray and a performance-enhancing, condom-safe lubricant.

“The last thing any business wants is to have product seized and lose out on its investment,” said Hamed Allen of Planet Earth USA. “That is no good for the business when stores need as much assistance as they can get. It is also bad for consumers who are having their health put in jeopardy. With the Ultimate range, stores can stock a product that looks great and has generated excellent customer feedback – and thanks to the addition of lubes and creams, it offers fantastic up selling potential.

“Rather than stocking product that runs the risk of being removed from sale, Ultimate products offer customers a competitive margin with the security that each formulation is made within the guidelines set out by the authorities, so neither your customers nor the authorities will take action.”

In the U.K., the company says Ultimate X scored eight out of 10 in a recent survey by U.K. tabloid newspaper, The Sun, while men’s magazine Loaded said Ultimate P3, “helps men to tap into their real potential and dramatically improve their sex lives.”

Ultimate products are now available in the U.S. via its exclusive distributor Planet Earth USA. For more information and to place your order, call (855) 787-5555 or email for U.S. orders, +44 01924 333 320 or email for E.U. orders.

Additional information on the product range is also available via the official website