Howard Levine to Start Industry Only Meetings for AA, NA

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Howard Levine has extended an open invitation to anyone in the adult industry who is in recovery from alcohol or substance abuse, or looking to get into recovery, to join his Messengers of Recovery meetings anonymously.

Levine, who is the president of sales for Exile Distribution and has been in the industry for more than 25 years, is seven years sober and regularly attends meetings with Messengers of Recovery, which actually is a motorcycle club whose members are all in recovery.

“We own a clubhouse that is used for meetings of [Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous],” Levine said. “We would like to open our doors the second and fourth Thursday of every month for meetings to adult industry people only.

“The location is confidential and what is said in these meetings stays in these meetings. Our main goal is to serve the community.”

Levine said he wanted to invite adult industry members specifically because he knows that many have a challenge finding somewhere they can go in confidence.

“Some people who are in the industry are leery about going to meetings because they feel that they’re being either looked at or they don’t trust what they say in the meeting will not leave that meeting,” Levine said. “This is a place where they can feel comfortable with sharing and attending a meeting. It’s also good for those that have one day clean and sober or are just thinking about getting into recovery.”

The meetings are one hour long and free of charge.

“There’s people that are in the industry that have over 20 years of recovery, so I’m going to let those people speak at the meetings. It’s something that I think it’s time has come,” Levine said. “Normally, I would not use the media for something like this. I’m not trying to advertise anything. But I’m trying to kick this off and this is the best way I know how to kick this off is through our own media. That’s the way that I think we can get the word out.”

He said the invite is not limited to talent or directors. It could be anyone who is working in some capacity in the industry — behind the scenes or inside an office.

“I think there’s people that are looking for something to help them get out of the addiction cycle. This is something that’s very personal to me and I think if there’s a way to help, that’s what I’m interested in and that’s what I care about,” he added.

Levine has been involved with the Messengers of Recovery group for the past six years.

“We kind of wear the message of recovery on our backs, so my anonymity has already gone out the window. I don’t really care whether people know I’m in recovery or not. We acquired a club house last year and we rebuilt it. Aside from having our own meetings there, there is a regular AA meeting on Tuesday nights, and NA meeting on Wednesday nights. The attendance has been really good.”

If interested, Levine said to contact him directly at 818.576.9464.